Eat Your Slimy Vegetables

As a child, I was always a very picky eater; but, when my mom would fry up some potatoes and okra, I would gobble it right up. Looking back now, I’m actually surprised I even ate it.

Okra is long and green,

has huge seeds,

and it’s really slimy when you cut it.

What kid would eat this stuff?

Uh, me.

If you don’t like to eat okra, then it is has other uses also. Just let it dry up and the kids can use it as a musical instrument. When they shake it, the seeds rattle inside. Or the kids can pretend like they have a dart gun and throw them at their siblings. I knew there was another way to get kids to like okra.

Okra is an easy plant to grow. If you can’t get anything else to grow in your garden, then try this. It’s the one veggie I can count on every summer. I started the seeds around the middle of April. By the middle of June, the plants were starting to produce a nice crop.

The only pest that has bothered the plants is Japanese beetles.

They have eaten a few leaves, but the plants keep on growing.

The flowers are beautiful.

They remind me of a tropical paradise where I can relax on a beach watching dolphins play in the ocean waves and not think about pulling weeds or picking okra.

The plants will produce quickly and must be checked almost daily. If you let the pods get too big, they can grow into interesting shapes and will be too tough to eat.

Okra is the most tender when it’s small to medium size. The ones on the left are too big and the ones on the right are perfect.

You can use it in soups, stews, or fry it up.

The okra that isn’t used right away can be blanched and stored in the freezer for future use.

You never know when you might need ammunition for those pretend dart guns.

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